Earn free paypal money promo for first time users

Many ecommerce websites and mobile apps have been very aggressive when it comes to their promos and in giving out free store credits. The reason being is because of the tight competition that is happening. As many users prefer to go online to shop, the ecommerce website and apps are becoming aggressive in getting these users to buy from them instead of buying from the competition. After all, some of the items on their catalog are the same. On example of the freebie is to give away some credits. In order to earn free paypal money, the user is enticed to set up and sign up an account. This is particularly true for first time users and visitors.

Upon successfully signing up, there are other steps in the process. The promo itself has several steps in its process before the user is eligible or awarded of the monetary prize. The next step for the registered user is to save a payment method on the account. In order to earn free paypal money, the user must set up a mastercard or visa where his paypal account is linked to. This is a crucial step in the process because this would allow the system to send the money over his paypal account to be used for the next store transaction. So, the expectation is that the user would give back the money because he is going to spend it on his first purchase anyways.

Upon receiving the money on his account, he would then use the exact money to buy hist first purchase. It would then complete the cycle so to speak, because the money he received would then be sent back as a form of payment on his next purchase. This would allow the ecommerce site to promote to the user how easy it is to sign up and order.

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